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President Obama Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants Citizenship

President Obama Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants Citizenship

They have long been a despised and often poorly treated minority, but now all of a sudden immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries are beginning to be embraced by politicians and public officials across the nation. Recently a bipartisan group of senators agreed on a plan that would grant most illegal immigrants legal status in the United States. This is all part of an overhaul of immigration laws President Obama and the Democrats hope will be put in to effect this year.

Is this the right move?

For years illegal immigration has been at the forefront of discussion in politics. On one hand there are those who believe illegal immigration is ruining our country. On the other hand, there are those who argue that immigration is making America more prosperous.

“For years American employers have been getting rich by ‘inviting’ undocumented workers in to the country,” says Clairemont senior Melissa Ramos.

President Barack Obama has stated, “We are not going to ship back 12 million people, we are not going to do it as a practical matter…So what I’ve proposed… to bring these folks out of the shadows. We’re going to make them pay a fine, they are going to have to learn English, they are going to have to go to the back of the line…but they will have a pathway to citizenship over the course of 10 years.”

Obama makes a valid point. Does anybody really believe we would be able to deport 12 million illegal immigrants?

It is ridiculous to think that we can somehow manage to deport all of the illegal immigrants currently working and residing in our country. So instead of trying to get rid of them all, Americans are moving in the right direction by offering immigrants a pathway to legal status or citizenship in our country. The exact details of the legislation are not fully known yet, as leaders from both parties wrangle over specifics.

A major roadblock, however, is whether to offer a “pathway to citizenship” or not. Democrats are generally in favor of this while Republicans are a bit more reluctant towards the idea. However the Republicans are rethinking their stance, especially after the devastating loss during last election.

An anonymous student at Clairemont High School says, “Illegal immigrants should not get citizenship with no shortcuts. It’s not fair to tax payers or those who have done it the correct way in the past.”

A Latino Chieftain disagrees, “Those that are already here, deserve their citizenship. Most people think that illegal immigrants are criminals, and that’s bull. Most immigrants pay taxes and all they want is to do things the correct way. People are just ignorant when it comes to illegal immigration,” says senior Maurilio De Los Santos.

Does this mean we should tear down our borders and let everyone in? No!

In an article written on the Washington Post, Republican Senator Marco Rubio says, “We need a responsible, permanent solution to the problem of those who are here illegally. But first, we must follow through on the broken promises of the past to secure our borders and enforce our laws.”

For decades Americans have been promised a safe a secure border and we are now just starting to see it. It will be interesting to see just how many of the 12 million undocumented workers will be allowed to earn citizenship, as Democrats and Republicans jostle to position themselves as frontrunners for the minority vote.


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2 Responses to “President Obama Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants Citizenship”

  1. Jarred M. on March 22nd, 2013 11:24 am

    “If you can’t beat ‘em, join em.” This is really the choice we have been left with.
    We obviously can not give them a free ride, of course not. But we should give them helping hand. If for nothing else, the government will make money off them, and isn’t that what it’s all about? The money? Well, to these illegal immigrants, it’s more than that.
    They had to do a lot to get here, it’s no walk in the park to get into a country like this with all it’s protection, and manage to not get caught, AND still provide for your family. Very few at this school could every imagine what it’s like to try and live here illegally. Those who managed have already beat the system, so might as well point them in the right direction.
    Give them a chance to fix their mistakes and become a productive member of society. Don’t give them an easy way out, but at least give them SOME way out. Can’t exactly sneak back into their country to do it now can they?


  2. Alan Gomez on March 22nd, 2013 8:39 pm

    These illegal immigrants did not choose an easy way in to the United States of America. It is quite difficult to even pass its protective walls because of this it is hard for immigrants to even get in at all so when The United States government proposes they should pay to get in the united states might as well just open the gates of freedom. These illegal immigrants try all their might to get away from the government that might be oppressing them or killing them and we are saying they should pay for freedom, freedom should be free. Our forefathers created this place to be a safe haven for all who want to be free, and for those who are brave enough to actually come here. Do you still think we should make them pay? Most of these illegal immigrants are parents do you want to ask your mom and dad if they want to pay for their freedom? I know I wouldn’t